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Culture of Firm

" People-oriented, professional, efficient and pragmatic innovation, integrity management, the pursuit of excellence, quality service" people-oriented: fundamental interests of the owners, managers, workers, consumers, stakeholders as the starting point and the foothold, concerned about the " people ", the development of the " people ", " service for these people ". Major innovation: 1 ) the concept of innovation. Ideas determine ideas, ideas decide way out, the concept of innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. 2 ) technological innovation. Technology is the core of manufacturing enterprises. A new technology of sufficient reserves on the premise that satisfy the customer need also need, increasing vibration belongs to own market and technology enterprises in the field of technical barriers to trade area. 3 ) product innovation. Make full use of advanced technology to the continuous introduction of new products, to meet market and customer needs. High efficiency: from the actual situation, to strengthen the supervision and management, and promote the rapid development of enterprises. Integrity management: high quality as the basis, as the core technology, independent intellectual property rights as the driving force, quality of service as guarantee, on-time delivery, keeping promise. The pursuit of excellence: refine on the process technology, scientific management, and strive to perfect the service quality, performance excellence in performance. Services: focus on technology, can meet the requirements of the customer pay attention to service the effect real solutions to customer problems.

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